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Fired pizza oven

We specialise in the supply of high quality catering equipment to companies up and down the country that are in the business of selling pizzas and other Italian food. Every product that we stock has been carefully selected and our range of ovens and other equipment represents what we believe to be the best that is available. Our prices are among the most competitive in the industry and all items are delivered in the shortest time possible. In addition to the low prices that we offer on a wide variety of products, we can also arrange leasing contracts at very attractive rates. A look through our site will give an idea of the type of items that we deal with but should you require anything that is not there then please feel free to get in touch with us. We can also supply a top quality wood fired pizza oven for private individuals that would like to install one in their garden so they can cook authentic pizzas whenever they wish. Our quality assurance procedures ensure that the equipment we provide is safe and reliable and our comprehensive warranties are there to give peace of mind to all our customers.

Everything you need

A commercial food operation has to run smoothly in order to provide a first class service to its clients and we stock a full range of accessories that can help with the day-to-day running of a busy catering company. Apart from kitchen equipment, we can supply attractive chairs and tables for establishments that serve food on the premises, smart uniforms for employees and a variety of merchandising products that will ensure your business gets noticed. For businesses that bring fresh food straight to people’s doors we can supply a well made pizza delivery bag for all employees so that customers receive their food piping hot and ready to eat. Cash registers that are perfect for small businesses and are guaranteed against defects for a year can be ordered from us and are designed to handle Euros as well as UK coins and banknotes. Over the years that we have been in business we have done our best to make sure that we are able to provide everything that a small catering company could possibly need so that they do not need to look anywhere else. We have a reputation for excellence that we strive to maintain in all our dealings.

Cooking up a storm

Most of our clients provide the option of more than just pizzas to their customers and we have many different types of ovens that can be used to produce all manner of delicious food. The Middleby Marshall oven is popular owing to its energy efficient design and use of cutting edge technology and our range of Blodgett conveyor ovens can be found in kitchens across the UK. We have machines to make light work of providing great coffee and fresh juice in an instant and fresh ice cream that is sure to be a hit. Preparation is key to an efficient food delivery operation and among our quality kitchen products can be found dough rollers, blenders and sieves that will enable your staff to stay on top of their work as the orders come in thick and fast. Food warmers keep dishes at a perfect temperature while they are waiting to be despatched and our refrigeration equipment ensures that ingredients are kept in good condition for as long as possible. In common with all the products that we stock, our deck pizza oven prices are very competitive and we are constantly looking at ways to ensure this remains the case.

Special offers

Throughout the year we have many special deals that represent even better value for money than our already low regular prices. These can be found by clicking on the relevant category on the top menu bar. It is well worth checking this section frequently as the items on offer are constantly changing and you never know what bargains could be found. The only thing that is cut is the prices; these items are of the same high quality as all our products and come with a warranty to protect you in the unlikely event that any of the parts prove to be defective. We keep a close eye on the market to make sure that our prices offer the best value possible and although Italian pizza ovens for sale can be found all over the UK, we believe that you will not come across a company offering better deals than those featured on our site. During the time we have been in business we have forged strong relationships with manufacturers enabling us to provide our clients with exactly what they need at prices they are happy to pay. Our long list of satisfied customers confirms our success in this matter.

To buy or not to buy

In these difficult times many companies are experiencing cash flow problems that make it difficult to justify investing in new machinery. Nevertheless, in order to make sure they continue to provide a first rate service, our customers need to ensure their kitchens are kept in excellent condition and that their staff have access to the best equipment possible. In order to try and help clients who want to obtain small or large commercial pizza ovens, whether new or used, but would like to keep their liabilities to a minimum, we have teamed up with a reputable finance company to offer attractive leasing terms as an alternative to buying. Our online repayment calculator can be used to get an idea of the likely monthly costs associated with this option and our team are happy to answer any queries you may have. Apart from the advantage of not having to lay out a lump sum, leasing also avoids depreciation costs so may be of interest even if your company is not suffering any cash flow problems. Although we can offer no guarantee, we always strive to ensure that the asset finance proposals we put forward on behalf of our customers are accepted.

Staying in touch

Despite the fact that we have already achieved many of our aims in our quest to supply conveyor gas and electric pizza ovens at great prices as well as many other quality items, we are always on the look out for innovative new products that we think our customers will be interested in buying. The latest additions to our range can be found in the new products section of our website and this category is being added to all the time. To stay at the top it is necessary for both us and our clients to continually improve and we are dedicated to making sure that this happens. Our primary business is supplying catering firms of all sizes with the equipment they need to produce great food but we are also more than happy to deal with private customers who would like the chance to make their own pizzas. There are many people across the UK who are looking for an outdoor pizza oven for sale to use in their own home and we can provide them with what they need as well as advise them how to get the best out of any equipment that they purchase from us.